Kitchen Remodeling Contactors Near Portland

We Can Help With Kitchen Remodeling Contractors and Redesigning Your Kitchen

Skoro Homes is the best kitchen remodeling contractors in the area and can help any project.  Skoro focuses kitchen remodeling and value add rehabilitation projects for single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes and multifamily homes.

Custom Kitchen Remodeling Contractor Services 

Custom Kitchen Design

Custom cabinets, new countertops, high-end appliances, tile/backsplash designs, opening of a floor plan/wall removal, plumbing, top outs, pantries, and design of your perfect kitchen.

Custom Cabinets and Countertops

Skoro Homes can help you kitchen remodeling project by selecting the best cabinets and countertops top make your project pop.

Blue Prints 

Framing, Design,  Cabinets, Appliances we can map out the entire project and then help with the Kitchen Remodeling Contractors.  We can design you bathroom to your exact dream.

Custom Kitchen Tile And Backsplash

Our tile experts can help you select the best tile to not only looks beautiful but to add value to your home.  Our kitchen remodeling experts will help you select the best tile and color options for your kitchen redesign.

Licensed Plumbers, Electricians, HVAC, Structural Engineers 

Skoro Homes only works with reputable and licensed Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC Technicians and Structural Engineers.  Skoro Homes take these trades serious with only licensed employees with extensive knowledge of trades.

Flooring Materials And Installations.  

Custom flooring options from LVP, to real hardwood, to laminate, to carpet, we handle all flooring types, and installations of any materials chosen by homeowner.

Appliance Planning, Purchase and Installation

Skoro homes with excellent distributors of home appliances so Skoro can help ensure your kitchen remodeing project has the best appliance packages for whatever level of remodeling service you choose.

Secondary and Outdoor Kitchens 

Skoro Home will help you with any project from with adding a second kitchen or an outdoor kitchen to any new build or home remodeling project.

AND SO MUCH MORE-   If you need something that is not on the list above just shoot us a message.  If the repair/renovation activity is actually doable on a home or property we can help you get it done. 

Portland Custom Kitchen Designs For Remodeled Homes

Your Kitchen Remodeling Project Handled

Our team builds homes from the ground up, but can also help you remolded your existing home kitchen, bathroom and more.   Skoro Homes and Construction knows building code, local laws, construction worker/contractor management, planning, material acquisition, and more.  Skoro Homes will deliver a top-notch finish on any kitchen remodeling needs or repair projects you need.

Skoro Homes Can Assist With Any Kitchen Renovation Project

Contact us now to get a Statement of Work created along with a detailed bid for your next construction/remodel project.   Skoro Homes will ensure you get a quality finish, on-budget and on-time.   Do you need a professional to advise you on the best actions to give you the highest return on your efforts?   Contact Skoro now!